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Photographing the landscape at Sunset or Sunrise

This workshop is aimed at those that have attended the Introduction to Photography Workshop but want to extend their knowledge and skills to capture the sunset and sunrise. Ideally we will aim to capture the sun as it hits the horizon, but any photographer will tell you this is often easier said than done with the unpredictable British weather. 

NB: This workshop is weather dependent and may be postponed to take at a later date or cancelled with a full refund on the day. If it is cloudy, but the light is good to get enough some moody late evening landscapes with dramatic clouds or long exposures it will still go ahead.

NEXT AVAILABLE DATE: Saturday 6th April 2019                           TIME:18:30- 20:30             
LOCATION: Beachy Head or Coastguard Cottages Seaford
TOTAL COST: £35.00 per person.


Capturing the sunset, sunrise and in low light requires a little more equipment than just the camera an lens.

It is essential that you bring a tripod for this course, the sturdier the better. You will potentially taking images in low light situations that require shutter speeds that are too long to hand hold the camera and get a crisp image.

You will also either have to use a remote shutter release, or if it has one, the camera's 2 or 10 second self timer.


Camera Basics

As with the Introduction to Photography Workshop we will go over.....

Using the semi auto modes (aperture and shutter priority) and exposure compensation

Using full manual exposure to control the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutterspeed and Aperture)


Focal lengths

Point of focus

White balance


Exposure Bracketing

Hyperfocal distances

The benefits of shooting in RAW over JPG


This workshop is more suited to those with a DSLR or Bridge Camera.

You will need to bring your camera, a fully charged battery (and spares if you have them, an SD/ memory card

A sturdy tripod.

A remote shutter release, or if it has one, the camera's 2 or 10 second self timer.

Not essential but if you have them you can bring Soft ND Graduated filters.

Wet weather gear... just in case!

A torch/ head torch.... it will be dark when we walk back to the car park.

WHAT LENSES SHOULD I BRING? Preferably a fairly wide one, anywhere from 10mm through to 55mm, but bring what you have and we will work with that.

WHAT EXPERIENCE DO I NEED? You will need to have attended the Introduction to Photography Workshop or know your camera well enough to operate the controls and change settings easily, It will get dark and you will need to change the settings intuitively.

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