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Help for Small Businesses in Eastbourne Offer

Posted 11th May 2020.

Do you own a small business that has been seriously affected by the Coronavirus situation, and would like some help to get back on your feet? I am looking for at least one small business in the Eastbourne area that would benefit from having a partnership with a photographer, to help boost their business by updating and overhauling all imagery for their website, advertising and flyers, and give a helping hand to getting back on their feet after Coronavirus.

And you pay me NOTHING!.... it is FREE/ GRATIS! What i get out of it, is a little extra exposure and more experience and the feel good factor!

Having been furloughed from my day job, I feel incredibly fortunate that I am currently in a position where I am being paid whilst so many small businesses are suffering. Photography for the most part is a hobby, with a few jobs when I can do them here and there, but just maybe I make take the step to doing it full time,or at least do more work in my spare time now that I have more time on my hands... and the prospect of working from home more often.

So, to give something back I am offering at least one (I may choose 2 or 3) small businesses to partner with for FREE photographic work for their website, flyers and advertising.

Obviously this can't happen until lockdown has been eased, but now is the perfect time to start talking with me about your plans. You will be able to use the images supplied at full resolution and without a watermark on your website, social media and in print indefinitely.

All I ask is that you are able to fulfill the following criteria.

  • You/ your are a small business located in the Eastbourne Area where the photography will be carried out.

  • You have a website and you feel you need to overhaul it with new content.

  • You are not currently trading or are trading in a much reduced capacity.

  • You agree to add a URL link to my website from yours, with a little text crediting the images taken to me.

  • You understand that I intend to use the images on my website and in social media.

  • Please complete the form below by 1st June 2020, and I will be in touch with a decision. There are no strings, this is not to get you to sign up to spam emails, this is a genuine offer for someone in need of some help. If you prefer, give me a call on 07966 632422.

    Please do share this on facebook, twitter, email, wherever you like.

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